Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accent Walls

Sometimes just the thought of decorating an entire room can be daunting. Trying to choose the right color scheme, furniture, rug, lighting, window treatment, accessories, etc. can seem overwhelming. So why try to do it all, why not start with one wall?  Yup, just one.  Pick one - any one - and get to work making it special.  The idea of an accent wall is to have it stand out from the others around it - kinda like bridesmaids and the bride. By creating an accent wall within a room you break up the monotony that might be killing that space.  It immediately adds interest by introducing a different color, texture or material.

 Paint is the easiest and most economical way to make a dramatic change in a room.  The gray accent wall draws your eye in while still allowing the headboard to shine.

Have a great bright color that you've been dying to try but afraid to commit to an  entire room.  Using it on one wall will bring the fear factor down and the room pizzazz up!

A dining room is the perfect place to interject some drama.  This dark chocolate wall anchors a room that would otherwise float away in a sea of white.

Plain painted walls not doing it for you?  How about stripes?
Vertical, horizontal, thin, fat single or multi, the choice is yours.

How about a patterned wall created with stencils?
This dramatic bedroom wall looks like wallpaper but was all done using stencils.

This tone on tone stencil becomes the perfect backdrop to this beautiful mirror
and console. The space still keeps its monochromatic feel without being dull.
Two bold colors are used to create this "look at me, I'm not boring" wall.

Wall coverings are a great way to add color, texture and pattern.

Grass cloth is one of my favorite ways to bring some interest to  a wall.  The pattern is subtle and it comes in a vast color  palette.
Grass cloth brings color and texture to
this tropical room. 
Grass cloth with subtle shades of blues
weaved in.

This tone on tone wall paper is just perfect for this sexy glam dining room.
The forgotten wall behind shelving becomes an
interesting backdrop for your knick-knacks.
An inviting foyer.

Tile?  Nope.  You're eyes will be fooled by this wall covering pretending to be tile.

Want to do something really outstanding with that accent wall.
The natural stone walls are definitely the stars in these rooms.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giving Thanks In Style

 It's almost time for turkey!  If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, not only do you have to prepare the food, but also your dining room.  Here are a few ideas on how to jazz up your table this Thanksgiving.  I've also included some pics of dining rooms that I'd love to eat my turkey in.  Happy Thanksgiving!

A modern Thanksgiving tablescape all decked out in white.  Use white pumpkins as a twist on the traditional orange variety.  Can't find white pumpkins?  A little spray paint will deliver the same effect.
Not your traditional Thanksgiving colors - blue and white with a little pumpkin bling.  Not ready to break tradition?  Then stick to tried and true fall colors.  Always a winner.

Super cute kids' table ideas.  Butcher block paper is a must for little guests.  Kids will have fun drawing on the table, and you will love the easy no mess clean up.

These great pumpkin centerpieces will have everyone giving thanks.

Whip up these super easy and festive candle holders right before your guests arrive. 
Only the turkey is missing from this beautifully set table.

Love the dark walls in this dining room. 

A mirror's job is made so much easier when it has such gorgeous elements to reflect.

Who needs matching chairs?  We're always pulling chairs from other areas for extra seating at Thanksgiving anyway.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lighting to Inspire

For my first blog entry I thought it only right to begin with what I love to specify the most – lighting.  I love, love, love lighting.  It is often the most overlooked area in designing a space, many times an afterthought.  I’ve put together some of my favorite lighting selections from previous projects.  Hopefully these will inspire you to update an old fixture in your home.